WHITE MILANO SMART MATERIALS AS NEW SOLUTIONS FOR FASHION We’re excited to share with you that from 22nd to 25th September you’ll be able to find ephea exhibited as part of the prestigious WHITE MILANO Trade Fair (within Dyloan‘s booth), at Padiglione Visconti. The showcase will include both a variety of ephea materials, as well […]

LINEAPELLE 100 ROUND TABLE ON CIRCULAR AND BIO-BASED NEXT-GEN MATERIALS In the framework of Lineapelle 100, and as part of the My-Fi Project, SQIM will join a Round Table to showcase and discuss the evolution of traditional and circular biomaterials, as well as the opportunities deriving from highly innovative bio-fabricated alternatives.  Case studies from market […]

PRESS RELEASE MYCELIUM CAPSULE COLLECTION SQIM’s novel brand EPHEA™️ and the leader in technological manufacturing for luxury fashion DYLOAN jointly release their first mycelium-based capsule collection The combination of SQIM’s mycelium-based biofabrication processes and DYLOAN’s cutting edge digital technologies inspired the creation of a disruptive capsule collection, leveraging unique, functional, high value products with a […]

GROWN TO BE WORN – SOLD OUT! MYCELIUM CAPSULE COLLECTION Ephea & DYLOAN // Co-design for fashion applications On 15th September 2022, D-house will host a workshop focusing on the opportunities emerging when combining mycelium-based biofabrication processes with advanced manufacturing technologies for fashion. Maurizio Montalti, co-founder of SQIM, will explain how the company co-designs with […]

BIOFABRICATE SUMMIT We are glad to share with you that we are going to contribute to this year’s Biofabricate Summit as part of the session Design UnboundJune 7thNewlab, Brooklyn Navy Yard – New York SQIM’s Chief Mycelium Officer Maurizio Montalti will be on stage in conversation with Biofabricate’s Founder Suzanne Lee, discussing about EPHEA, our division dedicated to […]

PHYGITAL SUSTAINABLE EXPO Today marks the start of the Phygital Sustainability EXPO by Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society, a key event entirely dedicated to showcase ongoing takes related to a responsible ecological transition of the fashion and design industries, through positively disruptive technological innovations. The event, comprising multiple interventions, panels and exhibits, will also feature SQIM’s CEO […]

SMART VOICE Make sure to mark the date in your calendar, register to the event, and listen to the wonderful line-up, including our CEO Stefano Babbini (SQIM), discussing about ongoing technological advancements and applications based on collaborations with living systems, and working to positively disrupt the fashion industry towards a real positive impact. Thanks to C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity Lifestyle […]

INTRODUCING EPHEA™ The announcement follows EPHEA™ first market launch, which took place yesterday at BALENCIAGA Winter 2022 runway show at Paris Fashion Week, during which the brand has presented an exclusive floor-length coat realised with EPHEA™ . MOGU has announced today the launch of EPHEA™ . EPHEA™ sets a new standard in the alternative leather market, […]

BALENCIAGA, powered by EPHEA EPHEA™️ has been revealed for the first time yesterday – March 6, 2022 – at Paris Fashion Week during BALENCIAGA Winter 2022 runway show, where an exclusive floor-length coat realised with EPHEA™️ has been presented. Engineered to diminish ecological footprint without compromising on quality or technical performance, EPHEA™️ is made from mycelium, the […]