Our vertical mogu is proud to be part of the CISUFLO Project with its mogu Floor Tiles and mogu Floor Flex collections.

The CISUFLO’s overall goal is to minimize the environmental impact of the EU flooring sector, by setting up a systemic framework for circular and sustainable floor coverings taking into account both technical feasibility and socio-economic factors.

The project aims in fact to set up a systemic action not only by working and designing on novel circular products, but also by dealing with the waste streams generated by the current products in the years to come. 

Mogu has joined the CISUFLO project as a bioflooring developer with the following main tasks:

  • Application and testing smart installation systems to simplify installation and promote reusability as part of the design for circularity approach
  • Use of low value by-products and residues resulting from the flooring industry for the production of mycelium based resilient flooring: mogu is assessing different residual materials to develop novel and improved mycelium composite materials and bioresin formulations to be used in the resilient flooring sector
  • Support the circular designing of an effective business model for systemic applications of CISUFLO results: mogu co-designs with all the players of the flooring value chain a strategic business model to ensure that the value of innovation is recognized and beneficial for the entire value chain.

Thanks to the CISUFLO project, mogu is exploring innovative solutions for the End of Life of mogu Floor, focusing on de-installation and shredding to recycle the residues in new flooring solutions.